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                Sin introduced death into God’s creation, and with the multiplying of evil in the human race, so has its painfully sad consequences increased here on the earth.  Righteousness does not have fellowship with lawlessness (II Corinthians 6:14).  In heaven righteousness dwells (II Peter 3:13).  God is righteous (I John 3:7).  Thus, no unrighteousness is in God, and no unrighteousness may abide where God lives.  Nothing that defiles is allowed to enter heaven (Revelation 21:27).  By removing all sin and evil, their fruits are eliminated, too.  The defilements of sin cause many tears to be shed, but in heaven there will be no more tears because righteousness reigns.

                Death has become a natural part of life.  Its commonness tends to cause us to forget how death is actually linked to sin (cf. Genesis 2:17; Romans 5:12).  Each person’s death may not be directly caused by any particular sin the individual committed (cf. II Samuel 12:14; John 9:2-3), but death was and is a consequence of sin.  Death is defined as a separation.  Physical life ends when the body no longer is able to remain a suitable dwelling place for the spirit of the man (James 2:26).  Death’s sadness is intricately connected to the fact that family and friends are now separated from the deceased, unable to share any longer life’s journey.  The greatest tragedy and sorrow will be when many souls will be separated for ever from the presence of the Lord (II Thessalonians 1:9).  In heaven there is no death.  No longer will the children of God be separated from their heavenly Father and their redeemed family.     

                The most magnificent thing about heaven is that God Himself is enthroned there (cf. Revelation 21:22; 22:3).  He will dwell with His people and be with them (21:3), like He did once in the Garden of Eden.  They will see His glorious face, and He will give them light (22:4, 5).  Eternal joy, not tears, will fill the hearts of heaven’s citizens because they are finally at home with God.