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December 3

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Latest Information


  • Gerald Jenkins is out of town on business
  • Karry Lewis is also out of town on business
  • David Creech is in Florida on business
  • Jim Cunningham had a work conflict tonight (12/2)
  • John and Ann Neely were unable to be at services this evening
  • Louise Robinson not feeling well but is improving
  • Ron Pirtle injured his ankle last week -- no broken bones but torn ligaments that will take time to heal
  • Leo Rogol is still hospitalized due to infection and congestive heart failure -- will remain in the hospital while they attempt to reduce the fluid buildup
  • Cameron Goff, friend of the Allens, is being deployed to the Middle East and would appreciate our prayers for his safety
  • Chris Foote has moved back to Lebanon -- His new address is 306 E. Spring St., Lebanon, TN 37087 -- phone number (cell ph) is 785-3717 -- his apartment is unfurnished and he has practically no household goods or furnishings -- do you have anything to assist him in making that adjustment?
  • Melissa Lahue is now home after a bout with pneumonia -- very weak now
  • Brenda VanWinkle received results back from her previous medical tests.  Her heart is in good condition, but her lungs are not healthy.  The pulmonary doctor will be caring for her.  She did not get out to Bible study last night because of the bad weather possibly affecting her health.  Presently, she is trying to keep a delicate balance.
  • Tom and Shirley Bunting have a new great grandbaby.  Heath and Renee Robertson have a new baby girl – Hanna Marie.  Born in Bergen, Norway, Thursday around noon. [That is 5 a.m. here]  Both are well.  Renee and Hanna will spend one night in the hospital because the delivery was not completely smooth.