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February 9


Phillipians 4:6 ....do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God. (ESV)

Latest Information...
TOM and SHIRLEY BUNTING are out of town
LEONARD ROGOL (Teresa's brother) was diagnosed to have had a heart attack last week -- had an arteriogram with stint placed in one of the arteries
GERALD JENKINS is to be out of town (in Albany, New York) on business this week
JOE MEYER and family are out of town due to death in family
Weekly REVELATION CLASS will continue this Thursday (2/11/10) -- 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
MRS. ARCHEBALD passed away this past week -- the family has a memorial service planned for February 20, in Ft. Pierce, Florida -- email previously sent with names and addresses of family members -- let me know if you need that information sent again
 MARTY and LISA DAVENPORT were not feeling well today
TODD STEEN is not feeling well
MICHELLLE FINK is not feeling well
PAT BLEDSOE is not feeling well
EVIE EATON is not feeling well (Leann at home with her)
ANN NEELY is not feeling well
CALEB HEATH is not feeling well
BRENDA VANWINKLE is still fighting sinusitus
SINGING this coming FRIDAY (2/12/2010) at EL BETHEL in Shelbyville
JASMINE GRAY requested the prayers of the congregation due to the challenges to her faith she is encountering this semester

January 24

Latest Information...


  • BRITTANY STEEN was injured at school (Cathy is with her)
  • BRENDA VAN WINKLE -- still dealing with chronic health issues
  • SISTER ARCHEBALD -- still in County Nursing home (on County Farm Road) -- Room G48 -- would appreciate visits
  • Weekly REVELATION CLASS continues this Thursday -- 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
  • PAUL HUTCHESON -- father of Sylvia Lewis -- CT scan scheduled for this coming Wednesday to determine if malignancy is active
  • GREEN SONG BOOKS -- several are still out -- return any to David Creech
  • NEW BUILDING PROGRAM -- information was presented to the congregation -- if you have any questions, feel free to visited with the elders or members of the building committee.


January 9

Latest Information...


  • Christy Livingston -- taken to ER this afternoon (Saturday) due to severe headache -- thought to be caused by sinus infection
  • Brenda VanWinkle -- still dealing with elevated blood pressure and sinus infection -- also, fighting an episode of gout in one foot
  • Sister Archebald -- still in County Nursing home (on County Farm Road) -- Room G48 -- Carolyn Collins is arranging for group to visit her tomorrow afternoon (Sunday -- meet at the church building by 2:30 p.m. unless it would be more convenient for some to meet at the nursing home
  • Annette Allen -- doing much better -- not using crutches but will coninue to use boot for a few more weeks to allow for healing
  • Elvin Holmes -- Ava Grimmett's brother-in-law passed away this past week -- age 98 -- he  was the husband of sister Ava's only sister -- funeral was last Friday
  • Cameron Stacey -- now in India -- for 10 days -- then to Hong Kong -- for 6 days -- pray for his safety -- remember Jennifer and Taryn and other family members
  • Tilley Bragg -- still sore from recent fall -- appreciates calls, visits and food 
  • Chris Foote -- now working but needs more hours to cover expenses-- continue to pray for him
  • BUILDING PROJECT -- committee has developed early possible site engineering footprints to review with elders and congregation in preparation for initial meeting with city planning commission -- 5 contractors have been informally approached and are interested in the project
  • Weekly Revelation study delayed until this coming Thursday (January 14) due to dangerous road conditions
  • Singing at Cason Lane this coming Friday (January 15)

December 21

Latest Information...


  • Brenda VanWinkle back at services after battling bronchitis for several weeks
  • Joe Meyer not feeling well
  • All Steen family members are not feeling well
  • Kenny Allen ill
  • Lisa Davenport not feeling well
  • Kasey Livingston sick with flu
  • Bobby Eaton's oldest sister, Audery Arnold, passed away Saturday (12/19) -- visitation at Jennings and Ayers Monday (12/21) from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. -- graveside funeral on Tuesday (12/22) at Coleman Cemetery at 10:00 a.m. (meet at funeral home at 9:30 to travel with procession to cemetery)
  • Carol Wrather's son, Chris Wrater, to undergo back surgery Monday (12/21)
  • Jasmine Gray's surgery in Louisville this past week went well
  • Vickie Prater's brother, William (Pedro) Featherstone recovering from surgery -- diagnosed with bladder cancer -- history of numerous other medical problems
  • Crystal Bledsoe visiting at Bell Road
  • Michelle Fink visiting at Westview
  • GREEN SONG BOOKS -- David Creech is refurbishing these song books -- see him if you would like to suggest changes, additions or deletions  
  • Tilley Bragg fell last week -- bruised and sore -- need to keep in touch with her
  • Keep Chris Foote in our thoughts and prayers as he looks for a job


Latest Information...


  • Brenda VanWinkle battling bronchitis and running a fever
  • Jeff Galyon at work Sunday evening
  • Evan Shields will be undergoing foot surgery on December 18l
  • Jaz Gray was due another medical procedure in Memphis on December 14
  • Diana Johnson home not feeling well
  • Justin Haynes home not feeling well
  • Lowell Grimmett not feeling well - Ava stayed home with him
  • Hannah Lawson had another scan that was clear
  • Caleb Bunting was not feeling well Sunday
  • Bledsoe not feeling well