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Tom Bunting

The Nature of Revelation

            How does God expect us to construe His Word?  Are we limited to what is authorized in the Bible, or are we free to do what is not expressly forbidden?  Is a congregation limited by what is authorized or free to do what is not forbidden?  Much depends upon the answer to this question.

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The Nature of God

            The record in Acts 17 tells us when the apostle Paul came to the city of Athens he was moved in seeing the city given to idolatry.  He disputed with the people throughout the city, on the street corners and in the marketplace.  Certain philosophers heard him and brought him to Mars Hill.  It was here that men spent their time at nothing else except to tell or hear some new thing.  Paul began his discourse by observing that they were very religious and worshipped many gods.  He was interested in revealing unto them the nature of the true God in contrast to false gods – to declare unto them the “unknown God.”

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Between the Testaments...

Between the Testaments... 400 Years of Silence 
The time between the writings of the Old and New Testaments is approximately 400 years - a period of time in which we have no revelation from God. Why this silence? To understand the reason the Bible says nothing, you must understand the nature of the Bible. The Bible is not just an historical account, but it is a revelation of God (II Timothy 3:16-17; Ephesians 3:3-5). God is revealing His plan to man and for man in the Bible. If it was simply a historical book, then it would tell of those 400 years for there was a lot of history in that period of time. Understanding that the Bible is Gods revelation and not simply a historical document, then you can understand the reason for the silence.

The Bible is Gods revelation of His plan for the world. He briefly tells us of the creation of man and how sin entered the world. From that beginning, God goes on to reveal how He will provide a solution for sin.

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